Friday, May 28, 2010

Where it all began....

This is the tip of the Ile Saint Louis in Paris, where six years ago, Carlos proposed to me. The pictures below are the ones that were taken that day back in 2004.  
Try not to pay attention to the flip flops that I wore out to dinner since it was raining slightly! I did give Carlos the hardest time afterwards for allowing me to wear flip flops on the evening he knew he was going to propose. Ha! This picture was taken by this sweet little old French man that took five minutes to take this picture for us. 
A couple of minutes before he proposed!
At dinner celebrating our engagement at Les Ilot Vache. Cute little restaurant on Ile Saint Louis that we feel the need to go back to for sentimental purposes on our other visits. 

A couple of days after we got engaged at this spot we had to come back to take more pictures.

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