Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Mom (AGAIN)

Yes, I have two children and yes, I have had a newborn before Tatum. BUT I feel like a new mom all over again. Each child is so different and there are things that you didn't have to do with the first that you might with the second. You get so caught up in "toddlerhood" that you can forget all of the steps you went through before with them as a baby. Even though my best friend, Linsey, had her first baby two weeks after me, I still find myself turning to her with questions. She definitely calls me up to ask me my opinion for those rare moments when I can remember what I did when Landon was a baby. A great example is when I didn't pull out Tatum's Baby Einstein Activity Center until Linsey told me that she had pulled out her activity center for Barrett. This is Tatum's first time in her activity center. Let me go call Linsey and see what else is next in the development process! ;-)

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