Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blue Angels & China Beach

We met my brother and his family at China Beach to watch the parade of ships come in for Fleet Week. Of course, typical San Francisco weather is was cold and foggy. The gray ships seemed to blend into the fog. We still had a great time all bundled up playing on our own "personal" beach. There was literally no one else there on the beach except for us. My parents met us later to go watch the Blue Angels perform at Alta Vista Plaza. We were dropped off while the guys circled looking for parking. We found great seats and waited for the show. The picture above is all the show we got. Since it was so cloudy/foggy they had to cancel the show right after they started. It was a strange thing because since we were watching it from somewhere else and not down at Crissy Field, you didn't know if they were coming back or not. People had hauled picnics and chairs out to the park and waited for the big show and there ended up being none.

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Anonymous said...

Love the ones with Tatum's big smiles!