Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tatum is Two Months Old

I can't believe that Tatum is two months old already! Time is flying by! The colic/reflux seems to be getting better (knock on wood). Things she has been up to at two months:

-Sleeping long periods during the nights. Sometimes going ELEVEN hours between feedings!!!
-Smiling the sweetest smiles all the time.
-Starting to make all kinds of noises and trying to talk to us.
-Starting to pay attention to her brother.
-Tatum only wants to be held looking out. Not a fan of the "frogger" position on our chests.
-Doesn't like her Bjorn, Ergo, Peanut Shell or Didymos. (YES...I do own a lot of baby wearing apparatus - Landon liked all of them and Tatum doesn't like any of them - UGH!)
-After powering through two PAINFUL months of breastfeeding, Tatum is starting to have a better latch and I am not in pain everytime she eats.
-Tatum is no longer interested in her binky (ANY of them). I have purchased what seems to be every binky made and she is rejecting them all.
-Tatum is not a fan of her car seat. She screams everytime we put her in there and as soon as Carlos starts swinging her or once we get her in the car and start driving she calms down.
-We call her - Tatum, Tatey, Tater Tot, Toots du Monde

Tatum has definitely taught us that every baby is different and whatever you think worked for one baby definitely doesn't work for the next. In a way I feel like a first time Mom because everything with Tatum is so brand new to me. Happy Two Months Princess!

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