Saturday, August 29, 2009

Go Raiders!

We were lucky enough to have Lindsay and Eric invite us to go to the Raiders game with them. It was Landon and Tatum's first football game. It was SOOO hot that day, but everyone did really well. I was so nervous taking two kids to the game (especially Miss Colic Pants). I am not a huge football fan at all (much to my husband's chagrin) but if I have to go to a game, watching it in a sky box is the way to go! No crazy crowds, couches, chairs, food and drinks. Now that is what I call going to a football game. Landon had a grand old time shelling the peanuts and eating them. To top it off, a woman came by with a tray full of Haagen Daas ice cream bars. DELISH! If you look closely at the picture of Carlos by himself, you will see that we were right next to John Madden's box. Afterwards, they invited us over to their club and Landon got to go swimming in the kiddie pool. He had so much fun! Now when football comes on TV - Landon says, "GO Raiders!". I think Eric made Landon a Raider fan.

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