Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tatum - 11 Months Old

  • You started crawling right before we went to France and by the time we got back you were motoring all over the place. 
  • You stopped breastfeeding this month and you are on formula for one more month and then you will switch to Vitamin D milk.
  • You STILL only have two teeth but continue to use them to eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!!
  • Your brother continues to pay more and more attention to you as you are able to follow him around. 
  • We continue to struggle reading books to you since you can't sit still longer than 20 seconds. You just motor around while we read books to your brother. 
  • You can say Mama, Dada, Papa and Kitty. 
  • Your hair is getting longer and starting to show signs of laying down and not sticking straight up. 
  • You continue to make us laugh and smile everyday! 
  • We love you!

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