Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tatum is 10 Months OId

Our sweet baby girl is 10 months old (on 4/29/10)! Time keeps going by faster and faster. What Tatum is up to lately:
  • You just learned how to pull yourself up and a whole new world is opening up to you!
  • You took your first plane ride to Missouri to visit your grandparents for Easter. It was a four hour long wrestling match for us.
  • You took your slide ride with Daddy and seemed to really like it!
  • Your hair continues to grow longer and STRAIGHT UP!
  • You still only have two teeth but do a great job of eating with those two teeth.
  • You are starting to wean off of breastfeeding and increasing your formula intake. 
  • You are really LOVING food. You still want to try and eat anything. I think that you have eaten more vegetables than your brother has in three years!
  • You take two naps a day and you are very good about your daily routine and nap time.
  • You continue to be the sweet little girl that brings us so much joy every day. 
  • We love you!

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