Friday, April 2, 2010

St. Louis

On our way to see Carlos' parents in Missouri, we stopped in St. Louis to visit with two of his best friends from Wash U, Varuna and Mark. On Friday, we went over to Mark & Kathy's house for lunch. I was in complete shock over the size of the houses and the size of the front and backyards. Wait, you can have a home that is over 4000 square feet, plus a full basement, a half acre of land and it doesn't cost you $4 million dollars??? I am so confused!!!
This is Austin and Ashley with Tatum. 
Sweet Kavin!

Landon - This is what a backyard looks like!

Tatum's first slide ride!

This can't end well!
Austin and Landon running the bases.

After all of the playing, time for lunch. Thank you to the Stoddard and De Alwis family for hosting us while in St. Louis!

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