Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Landon!!!!

Our sweet baby boy is THREE! How can that possibly be? I feel like we just celebrated your 1st birthday and you learned to walk shortly after that. 
What you are up to at Three Years Old:
  • You started talking up a storm after your 2nd birthday. We felt like you were a little more on the quiet side and then once you turned two all of these words started coming out of your mouth. You had been listening and retaining everything we were saying but just not repeating it back to us. Then one day you decided...okay...time to talk!
  • You LOVE puzzles! We started out with 12 piece puzzles and then moved to 24 piece and now 48 piece puzzles. 
  • You LOVE your magna tiles and never tire of building garages for all of your cars. 
  • You have lots of meetings with Daddy and Mimi when she is visiting. Usually Momo the monkey, Lion and Tiger are in attendance. These meetings are held in your room and Mommy and Tatum are not always invited.
  • Cars and Madagascar are your favorite movies. But you also like Horton Hears a Who,  Ice Age, Curious George and Finding Nemo.
  • You became a big brother and have been doing a really good job of providing Tatum with toys for her to play with. 
  • You became potty trained and now wear big boy underwear while we are out and to bed every night!
  • You still are a terrible eater and we are constantly trying to negotiate your daily food intake!
  • You are still quite shy with new people but after standing back and observing for awhile you will start to play with others.
  • You go to a weekly Ready, Set, Go class which is a preschool prep class. You love art time the best.
  • You sleep in  your big boy bed and have no problem taking your nap. BUT you are the biggest procrastinator when it comes to bedtime. You come up with all of the excuses in the book to try not to go to sleep. With being recently potty trained you have found something that we can't tell you "no" to.  
  • Daddy reads you stories every night and you are very good at memorizing the books that he reads to you. You can always finish a sentence that Daddy starts reading.
  • The swing is still your favorite thing at the playground. But the seesaw is becoming a new favorite. You have also become more adventurous with the slides and you like to climb up them before you slide down them.
  • You are still obsessed with construction vehicles and want us to "search" out the next construction site. Which is pretty easy since it isn't too hard in San Francisco to find construction sites!
  • You love your tent in your room and you like making forts.
Landon - You have been such an amazing light and happiness in our lives. You make us laugh and smile everyday. We love seeing the amazement in your eyes and the eagerness to absorb everything around you. We love watching you change from a "baby" into a little man. We can't wait to see what adventures your fourth year will bring. We love you more than words can say! Happy Birthday! 

Love, Mommy & Daddy

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