Friday, March 5, 2010

Day One Music Class

We went to Day One's music class for babies today with Linsey & Barrett and CC & Henry. We met a couple of my friends from Tatum's playgroup - Ashley & Kim, there as well. It was so much fun! Tatum really enjoyed the music teacher playing his guitar. All the kiddos had a lot of fun beating on the drum and trying to steal the sheet music. This was my first "class" that I took Tatum to on her own. As the second child she is always being toted to Landon's events and gets to participate by default. I was excited to take her to a class where it was all about her having fun.  After class, the six of us went out for a little "ladies who lunch with their babies" lunch at The Magic Flute.  Please excuse the graininess of the first set of pictures. I for some reason had my ISO at 1600!!! UGH! 


Tasha Riley said...

I love all your pictures! I love Tatum's hair too, Zach's used to do the same thing.

Simply Sanchez said...

Thanks Tash! Did Zach's hair eventually go down...please say yes! ;-)