Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!

Tatum's first Valentines Day was a lot of fun! We took Landon and Tatum on a ride in their wagon to the playground and Mommy tried to play around with her camera for my photography class homework. This is the second photography class that I have taken in attempt to understand what I am doing with my camera. Still learning and have a long way to go to understand how to truly use my camera in manual mode. 

After the playground and naps we headed up to Sonoma to drop the kids off at my parents, so that Carlos and I could go out to dinner on Valentines Day. We haven't gone out on Valentines Day for dinner in a long time. We kind of started a tradition of having a lobster and BUTTER dinner on Valentines Day at home and then would head out to dinner the day before or after. But this year we were able to enjoy a nice dinner out!

Aunt Trish sent Landon and Tatum the cute matching Valentines Day PJ's! Thanks Aunt Trish!

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