Friday, January 29, 2010

Tatum is Seven Months Old

Every month I say it and every month I mean it. I can't believe that Tatum is already seven months old. Time goes by so fast and even faster when you are busy chasing after an ALMOST three year old as well. This is what you are up to at seven months old:
  • Your hair is getting longer and has decided that it would rather stick straight up like chimpanzee hair then to lay down. You are my little fuzzy monkey.
  • You said your first word today on your seven month birthday. Baba!
  • You also started enjoying blowing bubbles through your mouth.
  • You continue to give us smiles and occasional giggles. Your giggles are increasing but we still have to work really hard to get multiple giggles in a row from you.
  • You are still wearing your 3-6 month size clothes and can wear some of your 9 month size clothes too. Mommy has also found out the fun part of girl clothes as you can wear your 0-3 month size dresses as tops with leggings!
  • You had your first swing ride back on December 24th, but I forgot to blog about it! Bad mommy! I will have to post those pictures. You love the swing!
  • You celebrated your first New Year's Eve!
  • You had your first vegetable - carrots! You loved them!
  • I made my first homemade baby food - peas and you thought they were scrumptious. But there isn't anything that you have tried that you haven't liked. You love to eat and often yell at us for the next bite to be put in your mouth.
  • We love you more and more everyday and you make us so happy!
  • Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!

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