Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Decade.....

While excited to bring in the new year, I am sad to put a close to this past decade. What a decade it has been for me! I have to say that this has been the most significant decade of my life as far as life changes! Carlos and I have a tradition of talking about the highlights of the year prior at our New Year's Eve dinners. So when we did our annual tradition we decided to recap the decade instead of the past year. Of course, I was only able to make up to Landon's birth and then I started crying at the restaurant and I made Carlos say his.

I started dating the most amazing man, moved to San Francisco,

FINALLY went to Europe, got engaged in Paris, changed career paths and finally found something that I loved to do,

married the love of my life, bought a house, got pregnant,

brought the sweetest baby boy into our world,

enjoyed being a family of three in San Francisco, got pregnant again,

brought the sweetest (minus the three months of colic) baby girl into this world,

became a family of four living in San Francisco,

watched my baby boy turn into a toddler and quit my job to stay at home with my two little bambinos.

I can't wait to see what life has in store for us next as we head into this new decade. All I know is that I have had the most amazing decade of my life and I am so very grateful for all of my family and friends that help to make my life what it is. I love you all. Happy New Year everyone!

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Tasha Riley said...

What a great recap! Lots of exciting things have happened for you. I love being able to keep up through your blog!