Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa Picture

I can't believe that I got both of them on Santa's lap and not crying! It was such a debacle! Carlos and I had gone there in separate cars since he had to fly out on a business trip. He ended up having to pull over to take a business call and never made it to Corte Madera. He would have missed his flight if he had to wait the amount of time we ended up waiting. The line didn't look that long, but it was moving slowly. The problem was that I kept trying to make a game time decision on whether I should get out of the line or not. Landon and Tatum were in the double stroller and were on pretty good behavior. Of course Landon was equipped with my iPhone playing Monkey Preschool and Matching Zoo Animals. One of the "elves" came out and let us know that we would be last in line before "Santa" took a break. But when we got to the door and Tatum was starting to get impatient for lunch, the elf came out and told me that Santa had to take a break. I literally almost burst into tears. I had been waiting an hour and forty five minutes. Santa then came out and told me my package would be free. But Santa's lunch was 45 minutes. I had already invested so much time, I wasn't going to start all over again. So then I proceeded to sit down on Santa's porch and breast feed Tatum. 45 minutes later we finally took our picture. They each had individual smiles but of course not together. I was also super impressed with Landon. Last year, I ended up being in the picture because he was crying. This year he went up to Santa and hugged him and told him what he wanted. I was about to collapse after not eating anything and waiting in line for so long. I thought Carlos would be there to switch off and grab something. All I have to say is Carlos OWES me! But I have to say that I think the picture turned out pretty cute!

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