Sunday, December 13, 2009


So I have been using my Nikon camera in the automatic mode since I bought it. But I just took a class with Linsey on using your digital camera this last Friday. It was a really informative class that helped me get a better handle on using my camera in the manual mode and adjusting ISO, exposure and f stop. I still have so much more to learn and I am actually taking another class in February with my girlfriends. So we will see if you will start to see a difference in my photos! It is definitely harder to make all of these adjustments when your bambinos move so fast and won't sit still! Try not to notice Mister Bruiser's black eye that he gave himself right after all of the family left on Saturday. He slipped and hit his eye on something in the living room but wouldn't admit to us what it actually was. Poor little dude!

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