Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tatum is Five Months Old!

I can't believe that our sweet little girl is five months old. How is time going by so fast? Did it go by this fast with Landon or is it because we have Landon and he keeps us so busy that time is flying by? What Tatum is up to at five months?
  • You are sitting up without assistance but definitely a lot of cushioning surrounding you!
  • You discovered your toes and you are very enamored with them!
  • You celebrated your first Thanksgiving with the family!
  • You had your first family photo shoot but decided it would be best not to sleep prior to the photo shoot.
  • You helped us pick out your first Christmas tree!
  • Your hair is starting to grow back in and kind of sticks straight out from your head.
  • You continue to be such a sweet little girl with tons of smiles for your Daddy, brother and me. But you still make us work really hard for giggles!

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