Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fresh from the Bath Part Two

I wanted to take this picture around the same age that I took it of Landon so that I could capture the same moment in time. I ended up taking Tatum's picture two weeks later than I took Landon's. Landon was one week shy of four months and Tatum was four months and a week old. The funny thing is how you can see how different the two of them are from this picture. The picture of Landon is typical Landon as a baby - so relaxed and chill in Daddy's arms. Tatum of course is not so relaxed and squirming all around in Daddy's arms. The funniest part is how much taller Tatum is than Landon was. I wanted Carlos to cup her face like he did with Landon but she was too long for him to do that. Landon's face fit perfectly in Carlos' hand and had room to spare on Carlos' arm. My cute little babies!