Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Family Photo Shoot

My good friend, Maile, who took our amazing pictures last year couldn't come out for a visit to catch up and take our family photos this year. She is working very hard to launch her company for these amazing camera bags for women. I am so excited for her because I think she is going to do so well with these bags. There is such a market for these bags right now because there are so many professional and amateur women photographers out there in need of a cute camera bag. So, we had our photos taken by another GGMG mom that was about 39 weeks pregnant. I am not sure how she did it because I could barely walk towards the end of my pregnancies. Brooke from Brooke Bryand Photography took our photos on Halloween. Of course, Tatum barely slept that day and Landon being the typical toddler refused to stay still for more than two seconds. She did manage to get some great shots of Tatum and Landon individually. Unfortunately we couldn't get the two of them together. I also was not a big fan of documenting my pregnancy weight but decided to suck it up and make sure that we have memories to remember this time in our lives.

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