Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tatum is Three Months Old

Today you are three months old. This is what you have been up to:
  • You are sleeping through the night (in your swing).
  • After the purchasing every binky known to man - you finally found one that you like - NAM.
  • You love the pink blanket that Mimi crocheted you and love to rub your face into it. It is really comforting to you.
  • You are sitting up in your Bumbo really well and will play with the toys that I put on your tray.
  • You have big smiles for your Daddy when he comes home.
  • You are still taking Zantac to help you with the acid reflux but you seem to be growing out of your colic.
  • You love to watch your brother while he plays.
  • We have you on a three hour "baby wise" schedule and we are always amazed at how at exactly three hours your eyes pop open to eat.
  • You have started to giggle but you will only give us a couple of giggles at a time. You make us work really hard for those giggles.
  • You still have hair but it has really thinned out from when you were first born.

Happy Three Months Princess!

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