Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Academy of Sciences with Barrett & Linsey

We met Barrett and Linsey at the Academy of Sciences today. It was Barrett's first trip to the museum. We had a lot of fun watching the penguins and playing in the tot room. It was my first time on my own with the two of them using the Phil and Ted stroller with Landon in the front and Tatum in the bassinet. In general, I am an indecisive person. So I have a hard time when it comes to picking which stroller to take out with me. I am the owner of MULTIPLE strollers and it is hard to guess which stroller is going to be the best for our little adventures. If Tatum is in her car seat asleep, it is hard to transfer her to the bassinet. But if I put her in the Foray with the car seat then I have to trust the Landon is going to hold my hand and not get tired. So I was pretty excited when I transferred her to the bassinet and she didn't freak out!

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