Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just the Two of Us

I don't know how professional photographers do it! It is pretty hard to get both of the kids to be making cute faces at the same time. Attempt number one - Landon has what he thinks is his I am taking a picture face aka squinting. Tatum is looking at straight at the camera but Landon's face is just silly. For the rest of the shots I get some better smiles and faces from Landon and crazy eyes from Tatum.

Landon has also become obessesed with Mommy taking pictures of his feet! I think it is because he sees me take pictures of Tatum's feet. Too funny!

Adorable smile from Landon...what a bore from Tatum!

Cute laughing from Landon...annoyed by Tatum!

Okay...let's try this by themselves!

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