Saturday, August 22, 2009

Band-aid Thief

Landon has been in his toddler bed since the end of May. It was going really well until he realized he was tall enough to turn on the light. Now we struggle for anywhere from 1 - 2 hours of playing around with the lights on and the door open. Landon has been quite imaginative with his excuses of why he needs us to come to the door....I need a drink of water, my camera fell (I wonder how that happened), I am hungry, Cassie is in my room (the cat was really in there..she can jump his gate), etc. Well the other night Landon called Carlos to the door and he said he was playing with the stickers (aka as the Curious George Band-Aids that I bought him at Target). Carlos had to let him out of his room so he could show Mommy what Landon had done. Landon was so proud of was hard not to laugh.