Sunday, August 16, 2009


So, I fed Tatum at 10pm and went to sleep at 11:30 expecting to be woken up in a couple of hours. Just to give you a little back story, Tatum has been falling asleep in the swing and since Carlos has been working late at the kitchen table, he falls asleep on the couch until she wakes up. Then he brings her into our room and he can go back to sleep in our room! Ha! I know ladies...I am really lucky that he will sleep on the couch to be out there with her. But don't worry...we have finally ordered a travel swing, so she will be able to fall asleep in the swing and Carlos will be able to fall asleep in our room. So, instead of the normal 2:00am wake up, the alarm went off at 5:00am and I woke up and realized that Carlos and Tatum were missing. She slept for SEVEN HOURS!!! I got FIVE and a HALF HOURS of sleep! Very, very exciting. Hopefully this isn't a fluke! Now we just need to get her to work on going back to sleep easily after eating. She wouldn't go back to sleep until 7:00am and then Landon woke up 15 minutes later.

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