Friday, July 17, 2009

The Perfect Binky

Landon took to his binky (aka pacifier) immediately when we got home from the hospital and it was smooth sailing for his first year. So, of course I assumed it would be the same with Tatum. But as I should have learned from the fact that Tatum has colic and Landon didn't that no two babies are the same. I think I have bought every type of binky that is made in the pursuit of finding a binky that is acceptable to my princess. We have gone through a lot of different ones but I think she has finally settled in with the Avent binky (which is what Landon used...okay fine...still uses). It still pops out of her mouth A LOT but she eventually gets the hang of it and keeps it in there. Even though I need her to LOVE her binky because it makes life so much easier when they are having mini meltdowns, I know realize that it is really hard to TAKE AWAY the binky. Which is a process we are trying to work on with Landon (now 2.5 years old). He only uses the binky in the privacy of his own room but is constantly trying to escape his room with it in his mouth and would walk around 24/7 with it if he could. I know I need to ween him off of it, but right now while dealing with his new sister, it is hard to introduce too much change in his life. would make my life a lot harder to try to deal with the colic phases and the binky withdrawals!

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