Friday, July 13, 2007

Mommy's Last Play Day

This morning, Mommy, Bianca and I went on a walk to Lands End to see the Golden Gate. This was Mommy's last fun day with me before she goes back to work. She is very sad about it and I try to cheer her up by giving her a hug & a giggle.
We saw this beautiful butterfly along the way.
Aidan & I at the Palace of Fine Arts. We took our mommies there for a picnic and met Magnus & Jackson too!
I showed Aidan's mommy, Kim, my flip flops. She seemed to really like them. She was telling us funny stories and Aidan was really laughing hard at them.
I thought maybe I would just lay down and take in the scenery. Or maybe we will just take a little bit of a nap.

1 comment:

maile said...

2 babies asleep in the park. that is the life! so sweet.
i have no idea how you got that photo of TEN babies! You should do this professionally.
I'll be sending you lots of love on your first day back to work. it's never easy. So much so, i could never do it. xo