Friday, July 20, 2007

Linsey is trying to recruit me!

Mommy's BFF, Linsey, is trying to recruit me to work with her at Google. Although the company name sounds like baby talk, I think I will really try to focus on blowing bubbles, eating, sleeping, jumping in my jumparoo, giggling and touching my toes. Plenty of time to do that work thing later. Speaking of work, Mommy finished her first week of work and she survived. Every night she comes home and kisses me non-stop while I tell her about my day. I have started to become very chatty when she comes home in order to make up for all of our lost time. To celebrate, Daddy, Mommy and I went out to dinner on Friday night and as you can see from the picture it was a very nice dinner for us!

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Mende said...

Hi Sanchez Family!! I am glad to hear that all is well. Jason, Lana, and I will be in the bay area in August and look forward to catching up and visiting. We read the letter to Lana, and she is looking forward to meeting her beau.